This is a remake of a game which I had written in 1987 for the VIC-20.


You lose if you're hit by a stone or if the wolves catch all piglets.

Technical information

The game is written in pure JavaScript without any game engine. It tries to emulate some of the VIC-20's limitations. Hence all 'sprites' are of size 8x8 pixels and are drawn to a screen with 22 columns and 23 rows. There are only 8 fixed colors in normal mode. The game uses the original image data of the VIC-20 game. I have used this Tutorial as a starting point.



Back in 1987 I had seen the original Pooyan game on an arcade system at an amusement park (Wikipedia entry, Youtube video). I had tried to create a similar game in BASIC but because of my limited programming capabilities and the limitations of the VIC-20 I ended with a quite simple game. At least the most important parts like wolves, pigs and balloons are there. Back in those days the computer magazines were full of program listings, so I had sent my game to a magazine. I wasn't aware that the game was released because I had already switched to an Amiga 500 and didn't buy magazines for the VIC-20 anymore. In 2014 I stumbled over a Youtube video of my game. That was a nice surprise. The video's author sent me a link with a file of that game. In 2017 I had the intention to write a simple game in JavaScript. I remembered my VIC-20 game. You can see the result at the top of this page if your browser supports HTML5 canvases.

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